Fall / Winter 2022 Collection

From breathtaking urban skylines to vast outdoor parks—down to the sea, and the horizon beyond— Sebago is at your side, every step of the way.

In the new autumn-winter 2022 collection, the brand’s three souls—CITYSIDES, CAMPSIDES and DOCKSIDES—renew the promise of style that can reimagine itself while staying true to its essence. The key lies in interpreting tradition in an original and innovative way, in using handcrafted manufacturing techniques, in the quality of materials, in the details, in the colors—in Sebago, it’s all in our history and personality.

In the new Collection, CITYSIDES presents five classic designs, such as DAN, JOE, WILL, PAUL, FRANK, each and every one of them with its unique style and recognisable details (the fringe, gussets, buckle…). The spotlight shines on CLASSIC DAN, now presented in new colorways, for him and for her: rust, musk green, gray, navy blue.

And also, for him and her comes an authentic best-seller, the DAN LUG with a treaded sole, also available in a rubber sole version. Exclusive designs WALTHAM and MEDFORD showcase the so-called “Goodyear welt” manufacturing technique (a leather strip that runs along the entire outside edge of the sole), which ensures impeccable quality and has been used by the greatest footwear manufacturers worldwide for over a century.

Lastly, the new designs ALFORD, STERLING and YARMOUTH, perfect for the coldest days, add a signature “traditional” touch and ensure flexibility, a lightweight feel and great water resistance. 

The CAMPSIDES line combines tradition with modernity in new shapes and combinations. Starting with KEUKA, a core design for men and women, also presented in a mid version with a higher upper; and available in a range that includes precious leathers and animal prints. CAYUGA is a style that evokes the colors and mood of the great American parks, through a combination of different nuances and leathers, also with animal print inserts.

KOALA, a best-selling design on the Italian market, is one of the pillars of the collection. Now more lively and trendy than ever in its new mustard colourway, it comes in different colors and leathers both in the low and high ankle versions. The ASKOOKFIELD style makes a comeback, but with different leathers and Sebago’s extremely comfortable customized EVA sole. 

RANGER, with a treaded sole, is the perfect solution for those who want to wear classic DOCKSIDES even on the coldest days of the year. Three designs, MAKWA, MIWAK and THIPI, which are color matched with the vests from the new Sebago apparel collection, feature inspired patterns that nod to Aztec inspiration. Another winning combination is the use of printed leather with traditional Mexican patterns for the styles WATA, MAKWA E MIWAK.

Even in the darker, colder seasons, the “marine flavor” of the DOCKSIDES line is a warm, bright choice. The men’s and women’s PORTLAND in a suede version (PORTLAND FLESH OUT) and more wintery colors, such as green, light blue, rust and burgundy. Or in a classic leather version, only higher and snugger, with three eyelets instead of two. In line with the new autumn-winter 2022 SEBAGO footwear collection, the coordinated CAMPSIDES apparel collection features a wide range of garments with a winning mix of casual and sporty vibes; all while staying true to Sebago’s traditions but with a clear and definitive contemporary flair. Smooth corduroy is featured heavily, and is the undisputed star of jackets, pants and caps.

 America’s traditional flannel shirts, true wardrobe staples, feature checkered patterns that stylishly combine different colors and motifs in interesting shades of yellow and blue, and red and green. Unique and exclusive details and inserts showcase captivating graphics inspired by indigenous american patterns. Signature contoured “patches” evoking the hiking groups of the great American parks stand out on garments and accessories such as bags and caps, contextualizing, to great effect, the mood of the collection. For the DOCKSIDES apparel, the mood is clearly “marine” inspired, with cable knit sweaters and sweatshirts with high-school style graphics, for all-round easy-to-wear comfort that is perfect for any occasion. In every idea, in every concept and in every single piece from the new autumn-winter 2022 Collection, SEBAGO continues to tell our story of a unique and exclusive, yet casual and elegant style. A style that interprets everyday lifestyle needs with an innovative spirit—without ever forgetting tradition or sacrificing quality.