17 Essential Shoes for Men, From Sneakers to Boots and Beyond

Turns out, shoes really do make the man.  That old adage about the shoes making the man? It's true. And given the vast universe of shoes for men out there, it's never been more difficult to decide exactly how you...
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Icons Wearing Icons

'Writer, blogger, “man about town,” brand consultant, P.R. man, Ivyist—these are all titles that have been given to Jason Jules whose partnership with Sebago is dream come true for us.
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Fei Wang aka MR.SLOWBOY & Sebago

Sebago is excited to partner with this incredible talent, Fei Wang aka MR.SLOWBOY, to help tell the story of our Fall/Winter 2022 Collection.
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Fall / Winter 2022 Collection

From breathtaking urban skylines to vast outdoor parks—down to the sea, and the horizon beyond— Sebago is at your side, every step of the way.

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