Fei Wang aka MR.SLOWBOY & Sebago

With 11 years of experience as OgilvyOne Beijing’s former Head of Art and Creative director, Fei Wang’s work in advertising has already achieved global recognition from the likes of Cannes Lions, D&AD, OneShow and London International. Fei’s passion, however, has always resided with the world of fashion illustration so what did he do? He moved to London to pursue a career in the field.

He created and developed a witty, subtle style topped with a playfully modern twist that feels unmistakably contemporary. His signature menswear portraits are instantly recognizable and a delightful breath of fresh air—a measured antidote to the world of fast fashion.

Sebago is excited to partner with such an incredible talent to help tell the story of our Fall/Winter 2022 Collection. The collaboration of Sebago’s heritage and style with the humor, insight and light touch of Mr.Slowboy’s art create a cozy, fun outdoor atmosphere that warms our souls and keeps a spring in our step this season.