Icons Wearing Icons

'Writer, blogger, “man about town,” brand consultant, P.R. man, Ivyist—these are all titles that have been given to Jason Jules (@garmsville ) whose partnership with Sebago is dream come true for us. Jason’s style, insight and sense of tradition—with just enough rebellious spirit—resonate with the core of our mission at Sebago. Follow our social media channels for more information about this collaboration, but for now, who better to hear it from than Jason himself:
“I describe my personal style as Ivy inspired.
 I’m West Indian, London born, working class. It’s a crazy mix of stuff really.” says Jason. “As you probably know, the brand’s been around since 1946 and making penny loafers since day one. But for the odd tweak here or there, their beef roll pennies probably haven’t changed much in all that time. Likewise their boat shoes, which they first introduced in 1970.”
“In this project I get to tap into the brands Ivy and preppy style heritage and also look at how we wear these clothes and these shoes today. I also get to work with @adnatt —one of my fav photographers. There are two lookbooks on the horizon—one for the summer months and the other—coming soon—for an autumn/ winter wardrobe.
Truth is, it wasn’t so long ago that people would tell me that wearing loafers during the winter was a serious no-no—much the same as saying you can’t wear madras, seersucker or linen after Labor Day.
One thing I’m grateful to @sebago_world for is letting me style loafers as part of a winter wardrobe… I think some traditions are just begging to be broken.”
We couldn't agree more, Jason. We’re with you every step of the way.